Queen Fyah – Love Your Woman – Lyrics


It’s a coolpro one time
Queen fyah


Am a woman yes a woman but am never inferior
I deserve some respect and love//
Yo a man yes a man but u never superior
Humble your self and be in love// x2


Verse 1
Gone are the days when you woke up and say good morning//
No one is late but happiness now turned into mourning//
Am married to you
But same way, I still feel lonely//
Am a stranger to you
And yo no longer Bonney//


We supposed to be one soul
Connected but we two//
U don’t care if any chances
The house girl you would screw//
You so weak
You so loose
You so wicked it’s true//
You so heartless
So blameless
So reckless why you?//




Verse 2
It’s alright to go through me phone but when it’s yours its not on
And you groan like a horn//
Every little argument you release a blow//
And it feels like a stone
Hoping you will hear me say am done//
Am doone!!!


I still hold on
Yah Not yet withdrawn
Hoping one day you change and be in the same lane//
I still hold on
Not yet withdrawn
Hoping one day you love me again//




Verse 3
When I want you make love to me it’s a NO!
Every time I so much want you,you so tired//
Your feelings expired//
When it’s you craving for the play
I give you what your soul desire//
I always take your spirit higher//


No affection in this love//
All the time you treat me rough//
What I get from you not enough//
Enough enough!!


Oh yes I Am a woman
Make me feel like one//
Don’t make yourself a slave
Be free make me feel alive//
Alive alive !!



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