Bars (Explicit)


Lus K
maf***er I don’t bit bar’s//
but i can bypass yo mc’s//
put my songs in yo mc’s full blast here this//
started my own company am my own boss//
yah am a boss i pay my self//
prefix grind so hard/
started from the underground (bottom) now heading to the top (hanging right there ) so if you need a fight find me right here//
nzofunika mafana okonda geri osadyela fee’s//
when i flow freeze//
my flow refrigerated//
my style being generated//
even if mutavota awu be elected//
dekha, nvetsa//
mwina umangoyesa//
kuimba ndimatha//
palibe amalesa//
sizampikisano am running for respect//
ndimamenya kumfu//
pamental rap karate//
ndimadana ndima btch niqqa//
ndimaphika ndimaliza got a remote ndima freezer//
plz pause take a picture//
sutha let m be a lecture//
aliyese kufuna ku teacher basi ndingokhala preacher//
mfana nvetsela//
osakhalila kudelela//
kukhazla ochenjela//
osati opepela//
izinso nzopepela let me change zidola ma ABC money talks am counting my 26 latters//

[Cool Breezy]
when I walk out in the streets pipo call me Mr debonais//
i mean I can say im the king I got double chairs//
easy kaye simungamake but Im not a player//
i got a new style, I rap and I know u there//
I speak the truth in the rap//
never tell me to stop//
I got bhawa in the cup//
make it pause like a snap//
feel like a sharp//
yeah za secular//
its my time ‘n’ I rap ‘n’ I rhyme//
my language no venecular//
im stuckin the paper no matter whatever you know boy I rap-aaah// mungoyang’ana ndili nagt Gwamba suntha apa//check my sniper//
Im winning call me the viper//
mafana mwachepa, mungodya matemba//
zot zanu zizatheka ndakaika…//

Its Curtervahn on the beat//
Nigga in Royal Gang mehn I dont give a f**k//
I dont give a f**k thou u niggaz hav been hatin//
yea Im all way up all you niggaz mehn Im leadin//
straight outta Mitchy Royal gang is the clique//
we dont fear nobody not even mfit//
standing dilm on the ground yea we too fit//
way up in the game mehn six inch fit//
Niggaz have been stabbin on my back-eeeehh//
kufuna ndigwe ndisavaye up-eeehh//
dikilan onsewa ndiapheeee//
dangerous poison ine nchiphe//
enough of the boostin lemme finish up here//
this aint a diss mehn just sendin the message clear//
f**k all u niggaz sayin you up next year//
thats f**ked up guyz chibwana musiye…//

Dem ah always talk talk but nothing can happen//
when you see me going forward thats God’s plan//
to kill the better session thats what I can//
and I came with fire you must be runnin//
mmmmmhhh mi ah de teacher thats why Im preaching//
mi ah de rasta thats why Im smoking//
you talk dat u are the dunker but u never drinking…//

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