Verse 1 ( Jay Jay Cee )
I go be dih emperor, You me empress /
Me ah Go impress yah /
Yeh Me ah Go spend Dollar, Let me confess /
Me nah Go turn face Yah /
Inah Me Dreams You Me baybay Mama /
You and me Riding pon dih Hammah /
Osamvera anthu forget about informer /
Nzakukonda always /
Winter or Summer /
Nzakupatsa Love ya serious /
Sinzakupatsa Scissor No Julius /
Yathu siyomenyana si yah van dam /
Gwededza msungwana shake your Bam Bam/

Pre Hook ( Jay Jay Cee )
Gal you my Angel, “Nanananana x2”
Mvera Langa pempholo, “Nanananana x 2”

Hook ( Jay Jay Cee )
Can I be your Romeo, Romeo, Romeo /
Be my Juliet, Juliet / x2
You make me sing…
“Pepewu Pewu, pewu , Pewu..pewu x4”

Verse 2 ( Theo Thomson )
Shakespeare couldn’t write it any better/
Any weather I’ll ride for you whenever/
You fly like feathers/
An angel visiting from heaven I said it/ heavy=
You got my mind going places/
You filling empty spaces/
You killing me no traces/
You instill in me my greatness/
How do I go on/
You muse every song/
How do I go on/
This life’s game I won/
I can’t lose with you I’m a winner/
Accept me when I’m saint or sinner/
I’m all you need to know/
I’ll be your Romeo.

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Verse 3 ( Jay Jay Cee )
Gal you alone , scatter me brain /
When am with you , gal me cant complain /
Sindinganame nmakukondazenizeni/
Ukatalikira ine ndimafira pain /
Can you hold me, Never ever let me go /
Can you squeeze me , i will never let u go /
Cant find no gal, non ah dem fit yah /
ina di beauty class gal you di teacher /
Your smile ah dih killer /
Me cant deny yah dih pillar /

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